A Critical Competency for Delivery of Infrastructure Projects in Zimbabwe

Engineer Tororiro Isaac Chaza, PMP®


As Zimbabwe’s political dispensation has entered into a new season, there is a great expectation of economic growth spearheaded by massive investments in infrastructure development. In the past one and a half decades, Zimbabwe’s economy has gone through systematic degradation which saw it plunge from being the ‘bread basket of Africa’ to be the ‘basket case of Africa.’ Anticipating that the newly appointed President, His Excellency E. D. Munangagwa, will be development oriented and that his cabinet will be driven by the desire to perform, there is need for the Government of Zimbabwe to create an enabling environment for the successful execution of infrastructure projects. The President’s sentiments are reflected in the recent Budget Speech by the Honourable P. A. Chinamasa, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, who spelt out the need to instill proper project governance and project management standards within the Public Sector projects. Furthermore the strategy for economic revival in Zimbabwe is spelt out in the Zim Asset policy document (Government of Zimbabwe, 2013). However, the current Zim Asset policy expires in 2018 and the Minister of Finance has alluded to the Zim Asset second Phase from 2019-2023. The current Zim Asset document itself is sound but the execution of it is found wanting due to dearth of financial resources.

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