Welcome to Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ)



(Formerly called Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe – PMIZ)

Project Management Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe’s largest Association of Project Managers and Project Management Practioners, with a membership base of over 1 000.

Vision of PMZ
Our vision is to become Africa’s leading centre for Project Management excellence


Mission Statement
The PMZ has been established to be the National Authority on Project Management with a vision to furthering professionalism and to achieve recognized standards of certification for project managers in Zimbabwe. PMZ intends to foster ethical practices within the global values of best practices.

Strategic Objectives of PMZ

  • To foster recognition of the need for professionalism in project management.
  • To provide a forum for the free exchange of project management information, challenges, proffering of solutions and their plausible applications.
  • To coordinate industrial and academic research effort in the field of project management.
  • To develop acceptable standard terminology, tools and techniques to improve project management communication and systems.
  • To provide interface between users and suppliers of hardware and soft-ware computer systems.
  • To provide guide-lines for instruction and career development in the field of project management.
  • To Train and certify potential and existing project management practitioners in conjunction with local and international educational authorities and centres.
  • To process the registration and accreditation of project management professionals, consultants and project oriented companies.
  • Contribute to and inculcate appropriate project management standards and national qualifications.
  • To contribute to development of curriculum for HEXCO and University Education.
  • To facilitate, coordinate, control and monitor Project Management Software Training, Sales and Installation.
  • To offer full consultancy services in Government and NGO Projects.
  • To facilitate placement services, with a view to advance quality and range of project management.
  • To promote and develop project management interdisciplinary skills and resources.