ABOUT PMZ Corporate Membership:

Corporate membership is reserved for organizations from any industry, small, medium, or large as long as they are formally registered & tax compliant

Corporate members can be private companies, public companies, Parastatals, mines, and Government departments with at least 10 employees who are eligible and take up membership benefits regardless of grade. Corporate members demonstrate their commitment to the project management profession by signing the professional code of ethics for their members and professional members and participating actively in PMZ programs and events for sustainable professional career development for their members.

There are two categories of corporate membership;

  1. a) Private & public companies

  1. b) Accredited colleges

The distinct benefits of corporate membership are as follows:

  1. Your company becomes an associate partner; hence your logo will automatically always feature on all our adverts as an associate partner.
  2. PMZ membership certificate and card.
  3. You will be entitled to always bring a banner and corporate brochures at all PMZ functions and events free of charge.
  4. You are automatically entitled to a discount at all functions and events hosted by Project Management Zimbabwe.
  5. Opportunity to facilitate presentations and display your project management ability at our PMZ monthly public lecture series.
  6. You will also be entitled to copies of monthly Project Management journals free of charge.
  7. At the discretion, of the editor, you are also entitled to contribute, worthy articles in PMZ journals.
  8. Access to our database for both corporate and individual members.
  9. Use of the PMZ Logo alongside yours at your project sites and/or in corporate documents.
  10. Being part of a professional body that promotes Project Management excellence and professionalism to the highest level.
  11. The ongoing support of major players in industry and commerce as well as the Zimbabwe government.
  12. Access to information resources via PMZ Global networks and the local library.
  13. Representation on national PM developments and the Project Management Excellence Awards Program.
  14. Inter-society agreements with a range of local and international professional bodies.

Please feel free to call or email back for any clarifications to the process that you may require.   Drop your expression of interest to take up PMZ corporate membership to