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Membership database of over 5000 members both Harare and Bulawayo

Welcome To Project Management Zimbabwe

Project management Zimbabwe (PMZ) is an Association for Project Management Practitioners from all walks of projects and qualifications.

Whether you are a student, graduate, engineer, technician, farmer, lawyer, doctor or from any profession, with or without a Project Management qualification you will still qualify for membership.

If you do not have a Project Management qualification we will mentor you towards one, such as our locally accredited Certificate(CPM) and Diploma courses (DPM & PGDPM) or international Certifications.

African Leadership College



+263 716608519/ +263735069599

Speciss College


Hre: 0733708353

Byo- 09 669 27

Trust Academy


Harare: 0772977747

Bulawayo: +263 29 2883614

Baseline College


Cell: 0775161071

Quad P – +263777190955

Midlands Business School


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Quad P – +263777190955

Randvaal College


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ATL +263 719181783